WASD or arrow to move around

R or Space to restart the level

This was originally an entry for the GMTK game jam but it was too fun to not update. I listened to your feedback and fixed a lot of issues.

I didn't make this game all by myself but I got help from Michael Silverman and CompozerJun. Further details about the roles check out the credits in the game.

The game is finished. The only update is going to be bug fixes.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorRed Cube Gamedev
Tags2D, Casual, Cute, Short, Singleplayer, Vector

Development log


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Ver nice game

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I Thought that Godot has an itch.io account and thought my game was cool ahah. Thanks btw. Doing a much bigger update now check the devlogs at: https://youtu.be/gm6ycfROvHI

"you dead"?

Ahaha Ik going to fix that soon

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Lovely little game! - Found it through the tigsource forum (left some feedback there ;-). My only real complaint: it is too short!!

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. I have heard the most but I haven’t heard of holding in a button to move. I think that would make the game simpler, so I will add it. Thanks for the feedback it means a lot

I am glad it was helpful :-)

Sweet little game! It was quite easy to understand the mechanics, which was great in itself however the overall experience wasn't that challenging. All levels was completed with very little failed attempts. But I think the simplicity of the game allows for some really good puzzle levels, especially if you consider adding one or two extra game mechanics to spice it up! I myself am making a similar tile-puzzle-game, Freestile, which is avaiable on my itch page. Feel free to check it out and perhaps get some inspiration if ya like :)

I am going to update it next week. Can’t do it now because of the game jam thing but after the jam

I like the mechanic of needing to hang off of the edge of the platform in order to get to the end.


Thanks for making this :) here is some feedback:
I managed to combine.them.all!


Awwwh thanks that is so sweet to hear. I am going to update this game and make more hard levels. So maybe you don’t combine.them.all so easily


oh no

Btw, Ima gonna subscribe to you right now :)

Thanks means alot!


Typical Adrien comment: friendly and polite. I would have expected different but NO, always a good guy this one. GEEZ. 🙄


being mean is overrated, now you're forced to play my game

Gonna post a video of yours soon friend!

I would of made dying happen without having to do anything. It just makes the game a tiny bit better, and more polished.

Did I understand right? the player dies if he don’t play for a certain time?

Yeah, I know, but player don't like that XD

fun take on a common idea, I didnt think it was hard at all, one thing id fix is that in the level with 2 joinable blocks that are adjacent, you need to grab one, step back, and step back in to grab the other. it should be grabbing both when you touch the first one.

Oh it’s my bad. You don’t have to that your only goal is to go to the green block. The tutorial messed it up I understand.