WASD to controll. Eat food to not die. If you dont buy the right items you cant go were you want. Example buy a raft to explore the ocean or buy warm clothes to explore the sahara. 

This game was made in for the godot wild jam #29. I made this in 9 days.

Please live your thoughts about the game down in the comments.


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I really liked the globe! The side menu was at times a bit hard to navigate, and it was a little confusing when it looked like I could still buy a speedboat when I already had one. Ultimately I died because it felt like there simply was no food spawn on screen for a (too) long while. Buying the feet was a bit unintuitive, but I suppose in a way it serves as 'tutorial'  on how and where to buy the upgrades.

The food took to long because i added 0.5 seconds to the food spawner every time it spawned food. I forgot the fact that it will almost stop spawning at the end. I should build a limit for it. The buy feet thing umm i tried to make those invisble tutorial things. Thanks for your feedback. Hope you have a nive day.